2021 - summer coaching adults - TCO

The first lessons will take place in the week of 29 March or 5 April 2021, if the courts are available. The coaching will be provided by the trainers of TCO, under the supervision of Andy van Rijn. There are no lessons during the primary school vacations from 3/5 - 7/5 inclusive and from 12/7 - 20/8 inclusive or on public holidays. We only break for one week during the May holidays; that is the first week (3/5 - 7/5).


We offer a choice of private coaching and group coaching.

For group coaching, there are 17 weekly lessons. Except for Mondays for which there are 16. If the demand for coaching is extremely high, there will be rotation of players within the group or the entire group skips a weekly lesson every few weeks.
Group coaching is provided in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players. A lesson lasts 50 minutes (40-minute lessons are also possible for groups of 2 players). If the group is larger than 4 people, then the costs will increase slightly.

For group coaching, please include your preferred training partners on the registration form. If you have no preference, the coaches will assign you to a group.

Private coaching is only available during the daytime and on Saturdays; in the evening only if there is space.

Terms & Conditions
If you withdraw after registering and before the first lesson, € 25 administration costs will be charged. For withdrawal after lessons have started, the full amount of coaching costs will be charged, unless withdrawal is due to illness/injury. See point 9 of the Terms and Conditions.


Number of peopleNumber of lessonsPrice (p.p. / per coaching session)
1 1 lesson for 30 minutes € 33,50
1 1 lesson for 45 minutes € 48,50
2 1 lesson for  50 minutes € 27,00
3 1 lesson for 50 minutes € 18,00
4 1 lesson for 50 minutes € 14,00      
5 1 lesson for 50 minutes € 11,30
8 1 lesson for 50 minutes € 7,25


Registration summer training adults TCO - 2021

Registering for coaching means you accept the terms and conditions Please return the registration for before 18 February! Late registration may mean reduced availability if the schedule has already been drawn up (* = mandatory field) 

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