About our training

About our training

General information about our coaching 

Below you will find some general information about our coaching.
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Tennisschool Andy van Rijn participates in the Tenniskids (mini-tennis) program. The aim of Tenniskids is to encourage children to play tennis from a young age. Tenniskids is more than simply following a coaching course. In a playful environment, children learn to experience successes, enhance their social skills, the meaning of fair play, and how to enjoy being on a tennis court. The children complete a series of fun challenges and collect stickers for their sticker collection book. The coaches have attended a special course at the national tennis association.

Junior coaching

We offer coaching programmes for both beginners and intermediate level junior players. Novices can learn the fundamentals of tennis. Intermediate juniors develop their technique, tactical awareness, fitness and mental capacity with a view to playing in junior leagues and tournaments at the appropriate level (ball colour). The court size and the tennis balls are adapted to the age and ability of the players. The lessons are delivered on weekday afternoons until 19:00. All junior players can take 2x one hour session per week. Private tuition is also available.

The youngest children (up to 7 years old) are taught different types of tennis shots. The coaching focuses on teamwork, ball skills and getting a feel for the racket. Children who have had lessons for one season are ready for this group (max. 8 children per court).

Orange ball - intermediate juniors (8 to 11 years)
Orange ball is played on a 3/4 court, where you learn new shots and improve your technique (max. 8 children per 2 courts).

Green ball - intermediate juniors (10 to 13 years)
Green ball is played on a full court. Playing matches becomes more and more important. The slightly softer balls help improve technique (max. 8 children per 2 courts).

Yellow - novice to intermediate (11 to 17 years)
Juniors aged between 11 and 17 years are coached according to age and ability. Yellow is played on a full court with normal tennis balls (max. 8 children per 2 courts).

Adult coaching

We offer coaching for both beginners and intermediate level players. Adults who have never played tennis before can learn the basics under the instruction of expert coaches. By focussing on technique and elements of matchplay we lay the foundations for becoming a becoming a club player.
Intermediate level adults who have already had coaching and have mastered the basics of tennis have the option of playing matches in order to maintain and improve their level. This level is for players with a few years experience. We spend a lot of time on matchplay shots and tactics as well as technique.
We offer a broad range of programmes whatever your ability. Everyone is welcome, even those who have never held a racket before.
You will be placed in a coaching group that matches your skill level.

Private tuition for juniors and adults

Do you want to do some extra work on your game? Private tuition offers the chance to focus on technique, tactics, fitness and the mental side of the game. We deliver private tuition. Private tuition can be scheduled for the season or arranged ad hoc.